Lu Jong, Tibetan Yoga

“Lu” means body, and “Jong” means training or transformation. Through the practice of Lu Jong we train our subtle body channels and enhance our awareness. In this way we take care of both body and mind. Lu Jong works with the body, mind and energy simultaneously. We balance the elements and bodily fluids – the […]

Relaxing the Mind

There is a solution to all our problems. Whether it’s relationship problems, health or professional difficulties, or a general lack of happiness in our lives, mindfulness is the answer. When we develop mindfulness, we live in the present moment. Being consciously in the now gives us the power to change our whole life. In Buddhism, […]

Kum Nye,
Tibetan Massage

This energy massage leads to a deep state of relaxation. The attentive, sometimes delicate touches revitalise and activate your body and
and bring you to rest, so that physical and mental well-being spreads.