About me

With 16 I wanted to be a psychologist. Well, my family constellation didn't make it possible so I studied international business. Hopefull I always had a special relationship with my body and loved movement. Since ballet dancing fascinated me as a child, I tried my hand at different dance styles in the course of my youth. For example, in modern jazz and African dance. Soon I suffered from back problems, which moved me to cultivate a new, gentle and loving approach to myself. So I started tai chi and qi gong in France, which I practiced for ten years. After that, I turned more into meditation and Tibetan yoga: Lu Jong. This practice is simple, accessible to everyone and leaves tangible results on body and mind. Recently, I reconnected with my dream and am studying somatopsychology at the IKP in Zurich.

Everything is impermanent, but right now what should I do ? Do you ask yourself this question ?

My Goals

  • Help you stay in touch with yourself, your aspirations
  • Support you in listening to the body and emotions
  • Make you feel alive and joyful


  • 2021 Body-centred psychological counselling IKP Zurich, training in progress until approx. Dec. 2024

  • 2021 Kum Nye Massage and Tsa Lung Hand Healing; Certificate: Loten Dahortsang, Tibet institute, Rikon

  • 2020 Meditation teacher; Certificate: Monastic Tibet Institute Rikon and Loten Dahorstsang

  • 2019 Tibetan Spiritual Coaching; Certificate: Loten Dahortsang, Tibet institute, Rikon

  • 2018 Lu Jong - Teacher Training; Certified through Nangten Menlang International, Tulku Lobsang and Loten Dahortsang.

  • 2002 Diploma in Marketing and International Business, ISEG Strasburg France.