Kum Nye,
Tibetan Massage

This energy massage leads to a deep state of relaxation. The attentive, sometimes delicate touches revitalise and activate your body and and bring you to rest, so that physical and mental well-being spreads.

What does Kum Nye mean?
Kum refers to the body, goes beyond the physical body and embraces all aspects of our being. Nye means massage or exercises that are healing, integral and revitalizing.

Kum Nye massage has a long tradition in Tibetan culture. This massage is especially beneficial for people who meditate, work very hard or exercise physically. In our daily lives we often move in a very limited way. We do the same things over and over again and only have a small range of movement. This causes our body to be blocked in a specific way, which leads to tension in different places. Therefore, our muscles start to compensate for this to protect the tense areas.

In addition, due to our restless body and mind, we often do not sleep well. As a result, the flow on a physical, mental and energetic level gets stalled. Kum Nye helps to loosen our muscles and release any tension in the body. When we are less tense, we have fewer blockages and our energy can flow better. This allows our blood and essence to circulate freely. As a result, we have more energy and do not get tired as quickly. So we can better deal with the challenges of life and it is easier for us to rest.

Especially for those who meditate or do movement practices, Kum Nye is of great benefit. When we work very intensively with the body and mind, we may not notice how tension builds up from holding certain positions. In addition, Tantrayana practitioners work a lot with the subtle channels of the body to release blockages. These areas need special attention to keep them open without losing energy. Kum Nye can keep our energy up.

Source: https://tulkulobsang.org/de/teachings/kum-nye

A Kum Nye massage does not replace a medical diagnosis, therapy or medical treatment in case of for physical symptoms.



***Practice room wanted ***

Back massage 30mn: 50.-

Full body oil massage (intensive) 60mn: 100.-

Full body massage (gentle) 60mn: 100.-

Full body deep stretching 30mn: 50.-

Harmonising elements in the body and “Tsa Lung” hand healing and energy work approx. 45mn: 70.-