Lu Jong, Tibetan Yoga

“Lu” means body, and “Jong” means training or transformation. Through the practice of Lu Jong we train our subtle body channels and enhance our awareness. In this way we take care of both body and mind.

Lu Jong works with the body, mind and energy simultaneously. We balance the elements and bodily fluids – the basis of our physical body. We transform our negative emotions and strengthen the subtle body system of channels and wind energy. Lu Jong is a beautiful, effective and systematic practice that improves our well-being in every way. When we practice Lu Jong, we combine position, movement and breath. Combined with mindfulness, this combination brings body and mind into complete harmony.

Position and movement are used to repeatedly apply pressure to specific points on the channels to open blockages. We work gently with the spine, creating space around the vertebrae and touching secret points to release emotional blockages. We nourish the joints by releasing blockages that would otherwise manifest as disease. And conscious breathing helps us to find inner peace. Lu Jong is a true meditation in movement.

In the West we are aware that we need to take care of our physical body, but we are not aware that the health of the physical body is based on the health of the subtle body. We have 72,000 subtle body channels, and every day we lose some. They become brittle, twist or block. This is the ageing process. When the channels are blocked, the wind energy does not flow freely. And when the wind energy does not flow, the mind does not flow. Then we get stuck in habitual thought patterns and superficiality and suffer from lack of concentration. Lu Jong is a spiritual practice that not only improves physical health, but also helps us to achieve serenity, concentration and joy.

The movements of Lu Jong originate from ancient Tibetan teachings. But the practice is also uniquely connected to Tulku Lobsang. Since his childhood he has studied with
He has studied with many Tibetan masters since childhood and learned these healing movements of all transmission lines. He has compiled the exercises into a clear, precise practice and adapted them to be more suitable for our untrained Western bodies – without sacrificing the profundity of the movements.

Lu Jong can be practised by people of all ages, regardless of their physical abilities. The benefits are immediate. Regular practice can really change our lives.
change our lives.

Lu Jong 1 includes five groups of movements:

-The Five Elements movements
-The movements for the five body parts
-The movements for the five vital organs
-The movements for the six states
-Two exercises for insomnia and fatigue

Further information is available on the Lu Jong website:




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