Relaxing the Mind

There is a solution to all our problems. Whether it’s relationship problems, health or professional difficulties, or a general lack of happiness in our lives, mindfulness is the answer. When we develop mindfulness, we live in the present moment. Being consciously in the now gives us the power to change our whole life.

In Buddhism, the practice of mindfulness plays an important role. When our mind is awake in every moment, we know what influence our actions have on ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment. Those who practise mindfulness are aware of samsara, the perpetual cycle of existence, and can therefore consciously shape their own lives for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Our mind is incredibly powerful. It has the capacity for single-minded concentration, awareness, alertness and serenity. But normally our mind behaves more like a monkey.
monkey. It jumps here and there and is either excited and nervous or dull and sleepy. Even when we want to concentrate, we jump from one thought to the next, completely out of control. We can change this. Mindfulness is a skill that can be learned – but only through regular practice.



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Group courses for 3 or more people at your location (company, gym, etc.)

Price: 28.-

Private lesson: 70.- per person

Kindly please bring your own yoga mats. If you don’t have, I can provide it