Psychological counselling

Deal with a specific issue thanks to psychological counselling

Sometimes it can be helpful to confide in an outsider and neutral person, whether to talk about problems or to look at things from a different perspective.

Psychological counselling is a preventative, psychologically based, psycho-educative form of conversation that may be indicated:

  • In stressful life situations as well as life crises or new stages of life e.g., separation/divorce, loss, illness, problems at school/training/work, retirement, moving, integration etc.
  • For questions about self-image and media consumption
  • Stress management, depressive moods, loneliness
  • Attachment and relationship difficulties
  • Desire for personal development, change and reorientation

In my work I integrate different therapeutic approaches, in particular
– Person- and body-centred counselling according to the IKP holistic method by Yvonne Maurer

  • Mindfulness training, Buddhist psychology
  • Resource- and solution-orientated methods
  • Relaxation methods, stress management
  • Systemic and Gestalt work

Methods depends on the issue and your wishes or preferences. All methods are tested and professionally recognised. You will find the resources hidden within you.

Psychological counselling can be carried out in the following languages:

  •  German/ Swiss German
  • French
  • English

For corporate clients
Are you a company looking for an independent and neutral counsellor for your staff? Or would you like to prevent stress and burnout situations?
I am happy to offer a tailored and customer-oriented service with customised offers such as consultation hours, stress reduction exercises with Tibetan yoga and/or meditation, etc., worklife balance advice and management help, burn-out prevention. I would be happy to assist you
for an individual needs assessment and personal counselling.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.



Individual counselling 140.- / 60 minutes

(Not recognised by health insurance)

On site in Zug or Affoltern am Albis. Alternative online via Zoom. Payment is possible in cash, TWINT or by invoice